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1. What window profiles are available in your offer?

We have more than a dozen type of profiles, the most popular are the standard profile of 68 mm, Thermo 80 mm, Passive 92mm and wooden profiles with aluminum overlays on profiles 68 mm and 78 mm

2.What is the finish of carpentry Classic R2, Softline R6, Retro?

The difference is with the glazing bar. The Classic R2 bar is straight, with a minimum rounding of 2mm, the Softline R6 bar is more rounded and has a 6mm radius. The Retro bar ends with a decorative cutter. This applies to both internal and external bar.

3. What are passive windows?

These are windows that have a high level of energy efficiency thanks to low heat transfer coefficient for the entire window. The lower the value of this factor, the less heat "escapes" from our home. In the case of wooden pine windows DJ 92 this factor is Uw = 0.8 W / m2K.

4. What are soundproof windows?

A particularly important parameter of this window profile especially in metropolitan areas is the level of sound insulation. Typical window has 32dB level while our sound window is 46dB! This indicator means that in comparison with the outside environment, we hear less noise in the room.

5. What is the difference between RAL and azure color?

The difference between the lacquer (opaque) and the azure (transparent) is due to their clarity. RAL coatings cover 100% of wood structure (no characteristic wood grain are visible) and give the same color as the lacquer (no matter the type of wood). The azure colors, on the other hand, show the characteristic of the wood structure and give it the appropriate color according to the choice made by the customer.

6. How much do I have to wait for my order?

From 4 to 8 weeks depending on the degree of it’s customization

7.What types of wood is used to produce windows?

We can use every type of wood according to the wishes of our customer. The windows are usually made of glued pine (combined with several pieces of wood) as well as solid, whereas doors are generally made of oak.

8. Do you install the ordered windows?

Of course, if the customer wishes it, we can carry out the whole process starting from the measurement of the window openings, by dismantling and disposing of the old windows, finishing on the assembly of new windows.

9.How many years of warranty is given on windows?

We provide a standard warranty for a period of five years; or extended ten years; if the customer chooses to pay for windows maintenance after four years and for cleaning windows will use the cleaning agents indicated by the paint manufacturer.

10. How much do the windows cost?

The price depends on the type of wood, the profile of the window, it’s function (design), the method of painting / finishing the surface and the size.

11.When should the wooden windows be re-painted ?

No sooner than 10-15 years of use, provided that windows are properly maintained, during the cleaning of wood care products should be used.

12.What are the windows or doors that "look old"?

These are the windows and doors of each type we produce, in which the surface of the wood is specially treated and preserved to give the feel and appearance of an old door or window effect made of raw wood. This product retains all the insulation characteristics of the new product.
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