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Color and type of painting

We offer a full range of paints, varnishes and oils from Gori www.gori.pl, Remmers www.remmers.pland Osmo www.osmo.de

Painting consists of 4 stages, impregnation, priming, interlining and topcoat painting.

Our windows are painted to achieve one of the following effects:

  • „lasur” smooth surface (azure - clear lacquer, color - paint coverage in any color)
  • „gloss” smooth surface with varying degree of gloss from 10 to 50%
  • „structure” surface with the wood structure visable from underneath
  • „eco” - oiled surface to protect the wood from unfavorable weather conditions without the use of paints or varnishes
  • „climate” window additionally protected by painting system against unfavorable effect of moisture in countries with climates characterized by elevated humidity and salinity, as well as wood protection against termites
  • „rustical” woodworking technique used on interior surfaces in order to achieve the effect of old wood
Optional, at customer's request we make special door lacquering for additional protection of their surface from being wiped off by frequent contact with their surface in the area of the door handle and lock.


We use the fittings of renowned Winkhaus companies www.winkhaus.pl Siegenia www.siegenia.pl and IPA www.ipa.dk

Both standard and with additional RC1 type protection i RC2.

(zdjęcie okucia RC2)


In our windows and doors we use Polish and German glass manufacturers such as AGC Silesia www.yourglass.com   or Oderglas www.oderglas.de . These are a variety of two- and three-glazed, standard, hardened, anti-burglar foil packages, varying degrees of sunlight reflection, various colors, embedded alarm loops or variable translucency.

Aluminum covers

In aluminum and wooden windows we use modern Aluron aluminum overlays (link do katalogu Aluron) in full range of colors and various finishes.

Seals and silicone

We use seals Primo www.primo.pl and Deventer www.deventer.pl and Proventus silicone. www.proventus.pl


In production we use only wood from sustainable managed forests, controlled and certified by independent certifying bodies (certyfikat PEFC), (certyfikat FSC)

Pine species grown on plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. As exotic wood it is relatively cheap. Meranti windows are sometimes called "mahogany" by manufacturers. The wood of the appearance actually resembles a mahogany, but it’s properties and technical parameters are lower than the mahogany. Meranti imported to Poland is coming of different quality, which depends on the specific weight of 390 to 880 kg / m3. Quality close to pine, meranti reaches only with a specific weight of over 450 kg / m3. It is therefore worth asking the manufacturer about the specific weight of the wood and do not trust the same name "mahogany windows".

It is the best building material from native deciduous trees, better also than pine and even larch. Only hardwood trunk should be used for production of windows; because the white part is easily destroyed by insects. Oakwood is hard, very durable and resistant to abrasion. It is characterized by high durability and resistance to various humidity conditions (under the influence of moisture only slightly deformed). It’s disadvantage is the high price. It is also good to know that the oak is blackened by water, some adhesives and in contact with iron alloys.


It has worse properties than pine, but it is cheaper. There are two kinds of spruce - lowland and mountain. Windows should only be made of mountain spruce, because lowland spruce is not resistant enough to dampness and biological corrosion. Spruce is quite easy to crack, difficult to whittle and has a lot of knots, so the products of this material are usually painted with cover paints. The characteristic longitudinal jars and brighter coloration than pine are, however, their beauty and find many followers, despite the technological problems mentioned.

This is the basic raw material for the production of windows, as well as wooden building constructions. Pine wood is great for this because it is relatively tough and durable, yet resilient and easy to handle. Due to it’s resin content, it’s moisture resistance is very good. Besides - it is easy to impregnate and cover, both in paints and varnishes.

It is the best and most durable building wood from coniferous species. Perfectly suited for window and door production. It is characterized by a very high resistance to humidity - under it’s influence almost no deformation and does not undergo biological corrosion. Larch is, however, a relatively rare species and therefore relatively expensive.
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