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Master Carpenter Jan Karaśkiewicz founded a workshop in Kościan. The company dealt with all kinds of woodwork. Such as the production of furniture, windows, doors, coffins, etc
Market development forced Jan Karaśkiewicz to hire additional workers and to enlarge the workshop. The workshop was moved to a larger space and the market expanded far beyond Kościan.
Jan Karaśkiewicz retired, and entrusted the management of the plant to his best and most trusted employee, Franciszek Ciesielski.
Ryszard Hohensee, the grandson of Jan Karaśkiewicz, passed the master exam and started his adventure with woodworking in his family’s factory under the watchful eye of his mentor.
Franciszek Ciesielski retired and Ryszard Hohensee took over management of the whole workshop.
He is joined in the workshop by his sons, Krzysztof and Leszek.
The company begins to specialize in window frames, new types of windows are being created.
Investments into modern machinery allowed the increase of production and to extend the offer with aluminum-wood joinery. In addition, the company started selling their products outside of Poland: to Germany, Greece, Norway and Italy; among others.
As a result of further development and investments, the headquarter of the company is moved to Stare Bojanowo.
Hohensee Okna Sp. z o.o. was registered as the new owner. The „Hohensee" trademark was registered.
Further investments allowed production of passive windows and sound proof windows of our own design; to be entered into production; as well as to expand the sales market to all of Scandinavia, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and France.
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